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So much gratitude for this program, Ms. Jen and her sweet, gentle horse, Tonto.

I find it astonishing how my baby has responded. She started working with Ms. Jen at 8 months old. I am impressed with the safety in place from the little helmet to the three people walking along side the horse keeping my baby safe.

The left side of her body was weaker than the right with her left foot turned in. Her foot has straightened out and when feeding she no longer drools from the left.  Early intervention is key.

The Kutnyak Family


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8120 Sidbury Road, Wilmington, NC 28411

We Are Very Thankful!

It has been awesome to witness and celebrate my son's emotional growth and behavioral changes since working with Jen at OT Solutions. He is so much happier and emotionally regulated even during transitions.

I love the way Jen incorporates handwriting in such a fun way at therapy. His writing is much improved.  We've even been able to incorporate suggestions for helping with diet and sensory processing at home.

The Bishara Family

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