Steven Geller MD FACP 

Medical Director

"Aegis has been a great partner in helping our practice become proactive with our patient’s preventative health care needs as it relates to the risks associated with diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Our patients are educated, engaged and motivated participants in this process.  Aegis has become an integral part in our office." 

Venita Young

Office Manager

Our physician has been in practice for over 20 years. Since meeting Aegis and treating patients together, they have proved to be caring, thorough and competent professionals.  With their assistance, our practice has become proactive in clinical medication reviews, OTC recommendations and Advance Care Planning.  Our patients are educated, engaged and motivated participants in this process.  Aegis has become an integral part of our medical office care."

Dr. Debra Curtis MD  

Internal Medicine

"I have been in practice 17 years.  Since joining 2 years ago, I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in patient care and compliance.  The team has demonstrated thorough, compassionate and comprehensive care.  Aegis has knowledgeable professionals that have implemented a care program that is actually making a difference.  They take ownership, and it shows in their work, day in and day out.  Their commitment has been outstanding.  We look forward to using Aegis in other integrative practice models in the future.  Our patients are now engaged, educated and motivated to make a change in their own health care."

Receive Our Unbiased Review 

One of the most important things you can do for your organization to start off the New Year right!

Our unbiased interpretation of your practice's revenue streams shows what worked in 2019 and what requires improvement.  It also reveals the ancillary services and screenings your practice is eligible to perform, based upon your specialty and patient mix.

Audit Red Flags

We seek to identify CPT code overuses and/or misuses which can  significantly increase your chance of an audit.  As you know, an audit equates to lost time and revenue.  

Denied Claims

We consider claim adjudication less than 94-95%  unacceptable.  Increasing your paid claims could mean tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, even for a single practitioner operation.  


If your practice is not actively addressing Quality Measures for adherence compliance, you could eventually experience penalties of 4-9%.  Shortcomings in Macra/MIPS adherence and compliance is frustrating to MANY practices.  Knowing where you stand is critical in order to make the necessary changes.

Practice Growth Potential

Based on your current patient population, attrition rates and year-on-year patient values, Aegis uses their knowledge of the industry to identify missed opportunities for significant billable encounters and estimates what those are worth to your practice for larger growth potential. 

Ancillary Services & Screenings

Insurance Breakdown


Limited time offer

You may qualify to offer simple, yet lucrative ancillary services and/or screenings, related to your specialty, which improve patient outcomes, reduce your legal liability and generate additional income for your practice.    Some are available remotely by third-party organizations and others can be performed on-site.  

Having a firm grasp on your insurance mix can be eye-opening and beneficial; to assist in new contract negotiations and to project potential revenue of ancillary services, as well as many other important metrics.

Seeking Qualified Physicians Who Desire...

Solutions to Increase Revenue

Better Patient Care and Outcomes

Better Work/Life Balance 

More Satisfied Patients

Stronger Reimbursements

Added Audit Protection

More Liability Defense

Your Custom Analysis is 100% CONFIDENTIAL and can reveal revenue you are entitled to receive.

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